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    Questions & Mysteries How will the Zoro/Shanks interaction go down?

    Shanks McGregor: “Who the fook is that guy?!” :josad::josad:
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    Speculations Sanji vs Queen General Thread

    I It’s embarrassing is what it is!! Let’s not sugar coat it. I told “Crayon” this ages ago, but he didn’t listen fast forward one year and look what’s happened.
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    Speculations Sanji is the only one capable of defeating Queen

    Lol see this is what we had to deal with. Seems like the futurist, thought he could predict the future. :gokulaugh::josad:
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    My Hero Academia Chapter 319 Spoilers Thread

    MhA, with Monom- oh sorry Deku, is fast becoming what it initially was against. That hard work trumps inherited abilities. Now we have Dekuma pulling powers out of his ass left right and centre. What happened to the Deku who still ran to save people when he didn’t have any powers. Had high hopes...
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    Current Events This is becoming too bullshit writing at this point

    Like I said before Oda lost the plot ages ago. His editors are there only to kiss his ass. What’s the point of having editors if they don’t call you up on stuff. Instead we have them crying for the most rubbish scenes in the manga. It’s time someone actually pulled up Oda and said “mate, I love...
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    Speculations Sanji vs Queen General Thread

    Mate he’s acting like he is the most scientific and knowledgeable person here, but still believes Sanji after beating Queen will only be YC1 level. So what Sanji grows 5% whilst Luffy and the rest of the crew double their strength?? He pulled the same crap as well when he tried to convince us he...
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    Speculations MADS members?

    Vegapunk started it and then people started joining. I think Judge was the first one to join, then Queen with Caesar being an apprentice due to his age. The thing is that Yonji said the rest of the team bar Judge were all absorbed into the WG, which is true for Vegapunk and Caesar and is most...
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    Speculations Do you think Usopp vs P1, Brook vs WsW, and Jinbe vs Jack will happen?

    Brook and Jimbob already have their opponents. Who’s Who isn’t even out yet and we already have people jumping. Inu is the one to take out Jack. We didn’t get to see Inu’s sulong much and Jack’s hybrid (at all). Jimbei has his own fight. Robin can’t beat Black Maria solo that’s why Brook and her...
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    Speculations Sanji vs Queen (Fight Predictions)

    Now we have gotten over the ridiculous will Sanji fight Queen solo question, let’s move on from the dropkicks who thought otherwise with some scenarios. I am thinking that Zoro vs King and Sanji vs Queen will play into the first argument they had on Little Garden. Also this was thrown there...
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    Speculations Sanji vs Queen General Thread

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    Break Week Fishmen Lives Matter!!!!

    I agree Fish Fingers to matter!!
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    Speculations Sanji vs Queen General Thread

    Should have told that to the Zbois. :choppawhat:And no Jimbe is not fighting Jack. Jack’s already got an opponent Inu. And Inu in Sulong is far stronger than Fish fingers.
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    General & Others Bounty Discussion and Speculation

    Revised Bounties - Luffy- 3.2 Billion - Zoro - 1.8 Billion - Sanji - 1.377 Billion - Yamato (when/if she joins) - 1.2 Billion - Jimbei - 638 million - Franky - 494 Million - Robin - 600 Million - Brook - 380 Million - Nami - 300 Million - Usopp- Either 250 Million or 500 Million -...
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    Speculations Sanji vs Queen General Thread

    Oh would you look at that?! Sanji facing Queen like any sane Sanji fan and honest Zoro fan saw. Instead we had losers in this forum saying Sanji wouldn’t face Queen, “SaNJI nOT CalAMiTy LEveL”. I told you all it would be Sanji vs Queen about a year ago. Lol and now the same people are pushing...
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    Fanclub The V̶i̶n̶s̶m̶o̶k̶e̶ Sanji FC: The Prince of love

    Lol what happened to Seth. Seems he’s gone full anti Sanji. And this after he tried so hard to convince us he was a Sanji fan. Lol Finalbeta. Didn’t I tell you “Crayon” you needed to actually vet who was a Sanji fan. Seems like it but you in the ass 1625973355 Oh man I missed this fan club even...
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    Powers & Abilities Best Vinsmoke Transformation?

    T Thanks mate!! Funny how all these guys who said Sanji won’t face a calamity are changing their tune. No it’s Sanji won’t face a calamity alone. Despite Queen going into his hybrid form for base Sanji
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    Powers & Abilities Best Vinsmoke Transformation?

    Is this a joke? Why on earth would it be Any of the Germa. Sanji’s was the most clean out of all of them.
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    Oh good would you look at that, Sanji won’t fight a calamity. Sanji is weaker than Fish Fingers...

    Oh good would you look at that, Sanji won’t fight a calamity. Sanji is weaker than Fish Fingers Jimbei, King is stronger than Marco,
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    Fanclub The V̶i̶n̶s̶m̶o̶k̶e̶ Sanji FC: The Prince of love

    To be fair, Oda hyped Judge to the max, the leader of the mythical army that was synonymous with evil and whose commanders were so feared used as propogand to show that the marines are good and strong, and then we got Judge who definitely looked top 5 but was an embarrassment in every...