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    Character Discussion Why does Sanji elicit such seething hatred from certain readers?

    Seriously, some people here legit start foaming at the mouth whenever someone says something good about Sanji. What is it about Sanji that makes certain fanboys hate him so much?
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    Questions & Mysteries Why did Law not use the personality transplant on Hawkins?

    Law could have just used his personality transplant move on Hawkins and Bepo, making those two switch bodies, and then have Bepo, in Hawkins body, remove the straw dolls, and then switch their personalities back and kill Hawkins
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    Speculations Ryokugyu will be a Logia, and Drake will become the Zoan Admiral

    Many people speculated that Ryokugyu would be a Zoan since Fujitora is a Paramecia and Kizaru is a Logia, thus making it one DF type per Admiral in this new Admiral trio, but this isn’t the case. Kizaru is not truly a part of the new Admiral trio. He isn’t a secondary color, like Fuji and Ryo...
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    Questions & Mysteries Why do Admiral fanboys complain about the Yonko (mainly BM) being handled so poorly, but expect the Admirals to get treated well?

    Admiral fanboys complain about how trash Oda is at handling villains, and they use BM as their main example, but why do they expect the Admirals to be treated well when their time comes? If Oda can’t write Kaido and BM well, who are the two main villains of a saga, then why would the Admirals...
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    Discussion Power Rank the 6 Paths in terms of usefulness

    1. Deva Path - no explanation needed 2. Naraka Path - weak individually, but he can revive any of the other paths, making him very valuable 3. Preta Path - nullifies ninjutsu 4. Asura Path - provides good AP 5. Animal Path - has some OP summons 6. Human Parh - Nagato chose to save the Animal...
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    Discussion Power Jiraiya’s performance against Pain is overrated

    I like Jiraiya, but him beating 3 Paths of Pain isn’t as good as some people think. He only managed to do so by taking advantage of the environment and ambushing them with a genjutsu, which Nagato wouldn’t expect from Jiraiya since he know Jiraiya was bad at genjutsu. The Deva Path wasn’t among...
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    Speculations Will Blackbeard kill Kizaru?

    It seems very likely imo. We know that the BBPs are going somewhere to retrieve something before the Marines can. If it’s that important to BB, then it’s probably important enough for the Marines to send an Admiral to retrieve. Akainu can’t go because he’s Fleet Admiral. Fujitora can’t go...
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    Speculations The order in which the rest of the villains will be defeated

    1. Fukurokuju. With the Dukes’ battles being wrapped up, it’s about time that Raizo finishes his fight too. 2. The Numbers. Not very relevant, so they should go down before King and Queen 3. Queen 4. King 5. Apoo and Hawkins. They will outlast the rest of the BPs so that they can react in horror...
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    General & Others There’s more than just strength that goes into selecting Warlords

    Most Warlords benefitted the WG in more ways than just being strong Hancock also has command over Amazon Lily, and she is beautiful Jinbe was partially selected in order to improve human/fishman relations Kuma allowed himself to be used by Vegapunk as a science experiment, allowing the WG to...
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    Questions & Mysteries How many people would you have let Kabuto use Edo Tensei on?

    A common complaint of the war arc is that the excessive amount of Edo Tensei summons bloated the arc too much. I would have imposed a population cap on the amount of people Kabuto can use Edo Tensei on, and I think the following people are the only ones who should have been reanimated: The...
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    Questions & Mysteries Will Zoro and Sanji split the sky?

    I can see Oda doing a gag scene near EoS where Zoro and Sanji clash and split the sky with their Adv CoC
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    Speculations Predict how the rest of the volume will go

    Assuming the volume goes up to chapter 1035: Chapter 1029: Denjiro meets up with Hiyori. Fukurokuju is finally defeated. Number 6 is defeated . Apoo summons the remaining 3 Numbers to the Live Floor Chapter 1030: Chopper returns to normal and fights the last 3 Numbers. Updates on the rest of...
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    Speculations Should Oars actually be named Oz?

    Oz was a common mistranslation of Oars’ name, but I think it may have been somewhat accurate. Moriah was controlling Oars from behind the curtain on his belly, which is a reference to Oz hiding behind the curtain
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    Future Events What do you want to see from the remaining matchups?

    I want to see: Chopper fight Numbers 1, 2, and 3, who have the lion, tiger, and bear Zoans. The remaining SHs fight either the BMPs or CP0 King and Queen show off Awakening before being defeated Fukurokuju getting defeated as fast as possible Denjiro and Hiyori get their revenge on Orochi...
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    Versus Battle Pain vs 5 Kage

    I think the 5 Kage could win this pretty easily. Mei’s corrosion Kekkei Genkai and Katsuyu’s acid can melt any of the Animal Path’s summons. Tsunade can take out the Naraka Path pretty easily, which would prevent any resurrections. A can blitz the Preta Path and take him out so that he won’t be...
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    Speculations What will Chopper do?

    That 30 mins where he is stuck in that chibi form has got to be a countdown for something. What will Chopper do when he returns to normal? I think he may fight the remaining 3-4 Numbers
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    Questions & Mysteries Is Kurama actually stronger than the other Tailed Beasts?

    Many people would say so, but I’m not so sure. I think that Naruto and Kurama did so well against the other Bijuu when they were being controlled by Obito because perfect Jinchuriki can use chakra much more efficiently than the Tailed Beasts, especially when the Tailed Beasts are being forced to...
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    Questions & Mysteries Did Chopper get the lamest powerup in this arc?

    Luffy got Adv CoA and Adv CoC Zoro got Enma, Foxfire style, and CoC Sanji got RS and something else Robin showed off Fishman Karate, Ryusoken, and Demonio Nami got Zeus Chopper got… an extended duration on Monster Point (which comes with a bigger drawback now)…
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    Powers & Abilities What do you think Compote’s power is?

    Since pretty much every powerful BMP has a DF, she almost certainly would have one. Being the Minister of Fruits, her power would most likely be related to fruits, unless Oda pulls a Daifuku and has her power be unrelated to her minister title, but that isn’t very likely since Compote does wear...
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    Discussion Power Akatsuki ranked

    I’m not giving Orochimaru Edo Tensei because it’s too inconsistent. It depends too much on what people Orochimaru is capable of Edo Tensei’ing at that moment. 1. Rinnegan Obito 2. Nagato 3. MS Obito 4. Itachi 5. Kisame 6. Orochimaru 7. Kakuzu 8. Sasori 9. Deidara 10. Konan 11. Hidan 12. Black...