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  1. Big D. Kaios

    Theory Zoro’s Wano Coma

    As the title suggests, what if this entire time Zoro was in a Coma? I personally believe when Kamazou (Nerfed Killer) knocked out Zoro with a non-CoA, Butter knife cut, it sent Zoro into a Coma! The biggest reason being Zoro’s sudden attraction to Hiyori who he seems quite protective of. This...
  2. Big D. Kaios

    Motorbike Franky vs Zoro

    With his Motorbike Franky was able to knock down Big Mom meanwhile Zoro can’t even seem to damage her and struggles to dodge her attacks with his poor CoO....and so i have concluded, Motorbike Franky low diffs running Zoro over like a pedestrian in GTA. but what do you guys think? Location...
  3. Big D. Kaios

    Powers & Abilities Why do people sleep on Jack the Drought?

    This is a real and genuine question from me. Why? Sure Jack hasn’t been shown to accomplish much but what he has accomplished you guys seem to look down upon. This man pulled up to Zou with his squad and stomped everyone there out minus the dukes whom he fought for 5 days EVENLY IN HIS HUMAN...