1. Cinera

    Future Events Borsalino's Future Opponent is Zoro

    Borsalino's opponent from the Strawhat crew is Zoro not Sanji. There are a few reasons to expect this to be the case: Borsalino used a sword in his only serious fight against another top tier He has a named techniques for creating said sword "Ame no Murakamo". Said sword is one of Japan's...
  2. Seth

    Questions & Mysteries Can Celestial Dragons order Admirals around at will?

    Can let's say Charlos order Kizaru and Fujitora to watch him fucking Boa once she gets captured again? Can Celestial Dragons order Admirals at will for random shit like that or Admirals are only bound by the laws of serving them when it comes to attacks on Celestial Dragons? Can Admirals obey...