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  1. Bango🍅

    My Hero Academia Chapter 307 Spoilers Discussion Thread

    - My Hero Academia Chapter 307 Title: “Long Time No See”. Original: おひさ - Muscular arrives, attacks Shindo. - Shindo tries to fight back but muscular beats him up easily. - Deku (wearing his mask) arrives and saves shindo. - Muscular and Deku come face to face again.
  2. RayanOO

    My Hero Academia - Chapter 284 : Deep Blue Battle

    My Hero Academia - Chapter 284 Title : Read The Chapter Online Official trad : Tags : @playa4321 @Hiragaro...
  3. JioFreed

    Spoiler My Hero Academia General Spoilers thread

    I think a thread to discuss the spoilers of the on coming chapters is necessary now that the the two main scalations that worked in the series are out, meaning that the chapter threads will take longer to be created, so here it is. - Point out if the spoiler is or not confirmed. - Post pictures...