1. Light D Lamperouge

    Fanclub 'The Ghost Princess' Perona Fanclub

    I couldn't believe there wasn't one already made. I'll keep the opening post short. If you want stuff added to it let me know and I will do it. A poll idea would be nice as well. I'll go ahead and share some art I like Perona info, SBS, vivre card, og design and different adaptations post...
  2. Buusatan94

    Fanclub Ulti Fanclub

    As I said in the chapter 978 spoiler thread I decided to create a fanclub for Ulti, the cute, cool and bold Flying Six who seems to have a deep bond with Page One and had the audacity to call Kaido an idiot and to say something about his family. Thank you @Cinera for this : Why Ulti Sama is the...