blackbeard pirates

  1. Banchi

    Theory The bamboozle that could happen with the "Rising Sun"

    For added context, one thing that appeals to me about One Piece is how alive the world that Oda has crafted and blessed us with is. That despite the focus being in one place there's likely to be another thing elsewhere. One thing that we do know is that Wano being "closed" has abundantly...
  2. BarbosaXIII

    Theory Is Who's Who the Tenth Titanic Captain?

    This theory doesn't have the legs too stand on its own but its an interesting thought. Jinbe mentions that Who's Who broke out of prison. The rest I'm going to say is speculation; Who's Who broke out of Impel Down 2 years ago during Blackbeards battle royal to the death. Who's Who is a spy...
  3. Cinera

    Future Events Blackbeard Pirates vs Strawhat Pirate Matchups

    So the Blackbeard Pirates are: Marshall D. Teach Jesus Burgess Shiryuu Van Augur Avalo Pizarro Lafitte Catarina Devon San Juan Wolf Vasco Shot Doc Q and Stronger 10th Titanic Captain Kuzan (Ally) I presume that the Strawhat Pirates Post Wano would be: Luffy Zoro Nami Sanji Usopp Chopper...