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  1. Light D Lamperouge

    General & Others Which moment made you realize this character is your favourite?

    Seeing as MHA has many amazing characters I am curious to see which moments made you realize x is your fave char. What was your initial impression of them? And what happened that convinced you that this character is the best?
  2. JioFreed

    Spoiler My Hero Academia General Spoilers thread

    I think a thread to discuss the spoilers of the on coming chapters is necessary now that the the two main scalations that worked in the series are out, meaning that the chapter threads will take longer to be created, so here it is. - Point out if the spoiler is or not confirmed. - Post pictures...
  3. Bogard

    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - The Konohagakure

    This thread is for those who wish to discuss/anticipate/complain/whine/meme all about the upcoming chapter spoilers before the spoilers drop. Once the spoilers drop, you may join the serious and constructive discussion on the dedicated spoiler thread. Since this is in Ground Floor, and posts...