1. S

    Current Events One out, 4 left

    The rAiD WiLl nOt fAiL Yes honey it’s gonna fail on your stubborn heads ! zoro was out pre time skip by kuma,he MUST be out and that was oda showed us last panel. He might DIE if he doesn’t get good doctor help like chopper ASAP. so who do you think will fall next ? my opinion: Kid & killer...
  2. S

    Future Events Zoro & Killer won’t survive

    I am back :noo: I just had to post this because many fans are getting hyped to the extreme thinking zoro and killer are going to play a part other than playing the background character that gets crushed soon to make the alliance side suffer major loses from the yonkos For example we saw this...
  3. J

    Current Events Zoro/Sanji being equal to Luffy

    R: If Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji and Franky were to become ability users, what do you think their fruit would be? O: I see, an interesting question. Hmmm I would want to see... Zoro(fish fish fruit mythical type seiryu model): how about the katana becoming a dragon instead of Zoro, I think it’ll...
  4. Lukegranders

    General & Others Anyone else think King’s a girl

    1. Haven’t seen kings face 2. called king and would be a she . Queen is a man but is called queen. 3. If sanji fights king it makes sense if at the end sanji finds out he just fought a hot girl who he thought was a man That’s all I got but queen being a man makes king being a girl make way...
  5. Prince Kronos

    Current Events All Oden's Swords Hype. Zoro didnt look special among the SN

    Only supposed hype Zoro got last chapter was Big Meme saying " You've underestimated him" Of course Viz retcons this into, "You've underestimated them". Taking away Zoro's special recognition from a Yonko and grouping his attack with the rest of the SN. This was the only hype Zoro got last...
  6. J

    General & Others The Gospel of. VIz

    I remember when I, @Erkan12 and some users were calling Viz out or saying ViZ isn't the gospel of translations even though these guys do what they feel like feels true. But yeah, they kept spamming ViZ and used it as the ultimate truth for Arena and Discussions threads "Stephen Paul knows best...
  7. King of Hearts

    Future Events Zoro is still going to fight King

    That’s it. That’s the thread. Somehow Zoro is going to bow out of the fight on the rooftop and he’s going to fight King, mark my words. Or don’t, doesn’t really matter to me.
  8. J

    Break Week Oda won't let Zoro/Sanji fight and beat a Conqueror

    If zoro was in WCI, he would have fought Cracker/Smoothie but not Kata , the same way he fought Pica not Doffy... he didnt even fight Doffy's YC1 , Vergo! In wano, he wouldn't fight and beat King or Queen if they happen to have CoC. Zoro would fight the swordmen/sword user who are usually a...