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  1. Gear5PhoenixMan

    General & Others Why do so many people think Wano is the best arc?

    It's almost the worst arc story wise. In an interview with Oda, "Oda feels satisfied but worried at the same time when he draws a good arc," the account shares. "When he drew [the] Enies Lobby arc, he felt, 'It will be impossible for me to draw [a] more touching story than this arc.'" Oda...
  2. Swallalala

    Anime & Manga Why does Nami not get called out for her weird behavior?

    People call Sanji a pedo because of a non canon scene in Film Z, yet there is Nami doing pedo stuff in the manga and it doesn’t bother anyone. Hypocrisy at its finest
  3. Pooth

    Describe how you feel when reading Wano.

    Ok I will start. Mods please do not delete this. I have to say it. Please. Love you. Okay. Here i go. This is how i feel when i read Wano: Let's go back to my teenage years when I doscoveres genital self pleasure. Lets say there was a day that i was so excited about self pleasing myself. The...
  4. Bob74h

    Which Character is a trap?