gol d. chopper

  1. Bango🍅

    One Piece Chapter 1007 : Tanuki-San

    One Piece - Chapter 1007 "Tanuki-San" CHAPTER IS OUT ON https://onepiecechapters.com/manga/one-piece-chapter-1007/ Big Thanks to team TCB Scans Chopper in this chapter Queen D. Funk fans after Queen got bitchslapped by Chopper Special gift for Chopper downplayers CP0 Talking about...
  2. General Duke Hyuo

    Character Discussion Chopper is Done So Well

    Throughout rereading/re-watching One Piece, I came to realize that Chopper is SO well done. Tony Tony Chopper: I honestly don't know where this Chopper disrespect stems from or even why I partook in it. But even in the post time skip, Choppers character is so great, and hats off to fans that...