husbando sisters alliance

  1. Fujishiro

    [FNZ] Super Role Madness GimmeMy10McMuffins mafia

    Host: @Fujishiro Type: Super Role madness Theme: Universe mashup Starting date: June 3rd, 5pm EST. Players: 33 Player List: Player list and submissions: 1- @Peroroncino : Ainz Ooal Gown, Acererak King The Wildfire Killed Day 3 2- @MangoSenpai : Rubick, Yha-kui 3- @Ekkologix : Nova, Town Core...
  2. Ariess

    [FNZ] Super Role Madness Comic Book Mafia: Marvel Films
    Threadmarks: Rules

    Hosted by Aries and Deadpool Rules -Post Requirement-Atleast 2-3 posts per phase -No editing posts -A cycle consists of a day and a night phase -No kill shots or investigation abilities can be activated in the 1st 24 hours -Have fun~ Phases Dayphases-At the start of the game phases will be...
  3. AL sama

    General Underworld of Worstgen

    I will be posting the mafia rules here soon. till then you all can chat here.