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  1. Flowa

    [FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 4 - Garou Mafia Line

    Hosts: @Flower & @Kvothe Kingkiller Coach: @Dragomir Rules: Claim restriction: This game includes flavour claim restriction. That means all hints to your character or any flavour mentioned in your abilities are forbidden. You may only claim in General Mafia terms. If you are unsure about...
  2. Bogard

    Announcement New changes

    Hello everyone, We staff members hear your suggestions and try as best as to satisfy them. :catpole: For this reason then, we aim at doing improvements, not only for your own forum experience, but also for the forum existence. One of the suggestions we've heard of some members was the...
  3. Fujishiro

    Break Week Primebeard was stronger than Roger

    Prove me wrong :kayneshrug: