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  1. Gol D. Roger

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1012 Spoilers Discussion

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |One Piece Chapter 1012 Spoilers Discussion| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This topic is for discussing "One Piece Chapter 1012 Spoilers". The...
  2. S

    General & Others Sanji beating Jack is huge hype

    Better then the hype Zoro would get for teaming up with 4 other people on kaidou. Even sengoku and fujitora failed to defeat jack for good and captured him, he tanked attack from Zunisha, tanked the beating from 9 scabbards and soloed zou. What did queen and king do ? Nothing
  3. MonsterZoro

    General & Others Why the raid suit is not a power up for Sanji but a training tool

    Hello you all know me because i probably made you angry with my amazing observation when it comes to Sanji I am here today to show you why the Raid Suit is not a Power up for Sanji like many people are claiming. But rather a training tool to get stronger I've seen some crazy claim saying RS...
  4. Gol D. Roger

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1004 Spoilers Discussion

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  5. Prince Kronos

    Current Events What's going on with Sanji ?

    So first Sanji was in this predicament Now he's here Seems like he freed his arms and is running, however he has a shocked face. What could possibly cause this kinda facial expression ? - Black Maria and fodder chasing him - Getting shot at by a projectile - etc Im thinking he possibly...
  6. Prince Kronos

    Powers & Abilities How long will the RS really last ?

    In the recent SBS, we got the 2 futures of Sanji. The real one and the alternate one if something went wrong As you can see, in one future.....Sanji takes after Zeff. And in the other he takes after Judge. I find this really interesting because I always thought Oda would redeem Judge, and...
  7. Buusatan94

    Character Discussion Character discussion: Sanji

    And here's the last character discussion thread on the original Straw Hat Pirates. Here's you can talk about the cook and most notorious pervert in One Piece history memorable for his love of cuisine, and his even greater one of beautiful women, his courteous attitude mixed with strong lecherous...
  8. Prince Kronos

    Current Events Sanji's next course of action

    Before Sanji was aiming for the roof because Kinemon and Co were there. However now theyre not there....so what shall he aim for next after he leaves Black Maria? Or will he even find out that theyre not there. I put a few options up on the poll. Please be sensible, troll replies will be deleted.
  9. Dragomir

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 999 Spoilers Discussion

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  10. Fenaker

    Anime & Manga Why Franky is stronger than Judge's Son ?

    Hey Guys ..... - In This Thread we will talk about why Franky appears stronger than Judge's son ? Firstly : - Franky fought luffy prets to a standstill until it got interrupted by CP9 members and this is the version of Luffy post alabasta and skypia who beat Enel and Crocodile whereas...
  11. Fenaker

    Questions & Mysteries Is this true ? Sanji vs Queen is confirmed

    ▪Hey Guys .... I found this in reddit the foreshadowing of Queen's opponent .
  12. Roronoa-sama

    Character Discussion Do Zoro and Sanji have the same level?

    It always put sanji in the same level than zoro but the reallity it's both doesn't have same level and representative, it's only humuristic representative as another crew( like shanks and buggy). Example why sanji doesn't have the same representative? would be several like: 1) Zoro is a...
  13. TheAncientCenturion

    2012 Popularity Poll [Bracket 1]

    We'll be allowing characters outside the main series of One Piece to be voted this year! The other series includes Naruto and Bleach! Please vote for your favorite, top 15 will go on to Round 2.
  14. Roronoa-sama

    Questions & Mysteries What happened if Sanji takes Shishi Sonson?

    What happened if sanji takes shishi sonson?
  15. Roronoa-sama

    Questions & Mysteries What level would Sanji be if he had defeated Pica, Hawkins, Killer, and Apoo?

    What level would sanji be if he had defeated pika, hawkins, killer, and appo? bonus: what level would Sanji be if he had defeated smoker, trebol, vergo, hawkins and helped take down doffy
  16. Dettles

    Versus Battle (Death Battle) Sanji Vs Rock Lee Discussion, Possible Concerns, and overall thoughts.

    Popular Youtube series Death Battle just announced their next Death Battle will be Sanji (From One Piece) Vs Rock Lee (From Naruto). While I personally feel aside from a hand full of Death Battles, does put in the effects and research into the characters, and while I don't always like the...
  17. T.D.A

    Questions & Mysteries Sanji seems to know more than he should about Wano

    The latest chapter shows him once again displaying his knowledge of Wano customs and traditions but it's not the first time: You could potentially explain 2 of those with him learning about it once he landed in Wano but as you can see he displayed knowledge of Wano's culture all the way...
  18. Prince Kronos

    Current Events Will Sanji do something against Kaido

    I mean if Sanji were to ever show his heroics to Kiku....now would be the perfect chance. She/He lost an arm.....and if Sanji were to see that. He'd go berserk. And since alot of the SN are going there, its obvious Sanji will outshine most of them. :kayneshrug: Lets look at the current state...
  19. Prince Kronos

    Current Events Is Reopening the scar = Giving a new scar

    Kaido says this... Making it seem like reopening the old scar is the bare minimum. And if they cant even do that...then theyre not impressive. Idk, I take it that an Oden lvl feat would be giving Kaido a new scar....and not only reopening the old one. So hopefully Law can do that. Leave...
  20. C

    Powers & Abilities Sanji and his accomplishments as a lifter: I’ll let you discuss the wedding cake while I prepare for a big Vergo thread coming up

    Monet was serving me some very nice pastry lately, and after a hard days work in the dojo she always gives me hard backrubs (same ones strong enough to restrain Luffy but much stronger to properly stimulate my neck muscles) and that always leads to some good blood flow into my brain to stimulate...