#judge's son

  1. Lion of Olympus

    Character Discussion Why does Katakuri have CoC?

    Why does they same guy who’s so afraid of showing his ugly face that he kills his fellow crewmates have Kings Haki? Katakuri just doesn’t seem like he should have it. What do you guys think?
  2. Chrono

    Rules Can we stop sleeping on the Rose Feat....please

    I see people endlessly downrating Mereum because apparently he nearly died... to something with the force of a few thousand TNT. Yet they always dont have the balls to mention that the Rose is a nuclear explosion. Thus meaning that the Rose produces heat thats on par with...or even greater than...
  3. Arara

    Kingdom - Chapter 660: Good or Evil

    Kingdom - Chapter 660 Title: Good or Evil Read The Chapter Online Sense-Scans (ONLINE) Reminder: Use spoiler tag/inline spoiler when posting historical facts.
  4. Dragomir

    Show Yourself V.2.

    As the previous Show Yourself thread got extensively weird, it has been locked and a version 2 is being created in hopes for a better turnout. The rules will be more enforced this time. Use this thread to share your pictures so that your friends get to know how you look like. Rules Apart from...
  5. Flowa

    How tall are you?

    Hey guys! As the title suggests here you can post how tall you are.