1. Cinera

    Character Discussion Yamato is Stronger Than King

    This isn't going in the power levels subforum because this isn't a traditional powerscaling post. Her battle with Kaido is Yamato's main fight in this arc. Not just in this arc, it's the main fight of Yamato's life. Yamato is fighting for her freedom, for the right to forge her own path, the...
  2. Cinera

    Current Events Why do You Think Zoro Will Defeat King?

    I'll write a proper thread on why I think Zoro wouldn't face King sometime later, but I'm curious what reasons people have for endorsing Zoro vs King. As far as I'm aware, the main reasons to endorse Zoro vs King are: Meta Zoro has always faced the strongest subordinate(s) of the arc...
  3. Zoro D Goat

    Future Events Will Sanji saves Marco and fight King and Queen?

    As you guys heard of my Sanji vs King and Queen thread before. This will be the reinforced thread of it.:pepelit: Marco to Queen: Perospero wants to show that Big Mom Pirates reign supreme. And how...
  4. Lukegranders

    General & Others Anyone else think King’s a girl

    1. Haven’t seen kings face 2. called king and would be a she . Queen is a man but is called queen. 3. If sanji fights king it makes sense if at the end sanji finds out he just fought a hot girl who he thought was a man That’s all I got but queen being a man makes king being a girl make way...
  5. King of Hearts

    Future Events Zoro is still going to fight King

    That’s it. That’s the thread. Somehow Zoro is going to bow out of the fight on the rooftop and he’s going to fight King, mark my words. Or don’t, doesn’t really matter to me.
  6. Zoro D Goat

    Speculations Sanji will fight BOTH King and Queen!!!

    > King say that if Momo is dead then the war is over. And Sanji stop him from doing that. > Not only King failed to kill Sanji but his beak also got bend by the RS. So the next time King sees Sanji, he will definitely try to take revenge back. > For the case of Queen. Queen specifically...
  7. Prince Kronos

    Future Events Who Will Defeat King?

    Ok before Zoro vs Kyourshiro happened, I was an avid believer of Zoro vs King. However since the whole development of Zoro wanting to get Orochi, meaning he'd have to defeat Kyoushiro as well. Also the possible ( slight possibility) of him confronting Kaido.... I dont think Zoro vs King could...
  8. Cinera

    Anime & Manga King's Bounty Speculation Thread

    Let's try our best to guess King's bounty. When his bounty is revealed, to some of us I would hand . For the rest? Please :holdthisl:. Let's see who's most accurate. Predict by casting your vote in the poll. The poll would be up for 15 days (King's bounty probably isn't going to be revealed...
  9. Cinera

    Powers & Abilities No the Calamities are not Just Mere Brawlers

    This was originally going to be a reply in another thread, but I spent so long working on it that I decided to just make it a thread in its own right. I address only King and Queen (mainly because the original thread was about them and I couldn't be bothered to extend my post to cover Jack as...
  10. Ena

    Current Events The Decade of Zoro

    :zosmug::fransuper: This is a thread dedicated to Zoro, where we talk about all the great moments of Zoro, talk about his character and powers, talk about his role and importance in the story and where you see him in future arcs. Also feel free to post random panels of Zoro you personally enjoyed.