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  1. Chrono

    Questions & Mysteries Will King and Jack get their title chaps ?

    Kaido and Queen got title chaps Kaido - Chap 922 Queen - Chap 935 Will King and Jack get theres. I think King will get his...not sure about Jack.
  2. Chrono

    Powers & Abilities King is as strong as if not stronger than Meme

    Yes, another King thread.... This thread is about Zoan King being as physically strong or even stronger than Big Mom in Base. So we all know our Precious Little O-Lin and her abilities. She has the mind of a toddler, hasn't used haki or her homies. However she still has the physical strength...
  3. Chrono

    Current Events Queen's set-up

    Then Now People need to understand how important the Udon set-up is. It wasnt just a stalling plot-line. Tama and the dango shit came full circle, and now she is controlling all the Gifters in the Island. Soon the Udon plot will come full circle, and we will potentially get O-Lin vs...
  4. Bango🍅

    One Piece Chapter 1007 : Tanuki-San

    One Piece - Chapter 1007 "Tanuki-San" CHAPTER IS OUT ON Big Thanks to team TCB Scans Chopper in this chapter Queen D. Funk fans after Queen got bitchslapped by Chopper Special gift for Chopper downplayers CP0 Talking about...
  5. Chrono

    Future Events Sanji defeats King and Luffer defeats Kaido

    Opinons ? How would people feel about Zoro.....
  6. Chrono

    Powers & Abilities Sanji's fire form PU

    I think this is the arc when we see a variant of Hell Memories.... We know Hell Memories is a form of Sanji's Fire Anger/Devil Transformation that relies on Sanji getting angry due to remembering harsh memories. In actual fact DJ and HM depend on Sanji's mood lvl. So Hell Memories works by...
  7. Blother

    Speculations Why Sanji vs King Will happen

    First we see here the Black Power Ranger and Sanji's amazing suit paralleling with King and a Zord Now we see Sanji and his name, how it relates to the long lost tribe that is King's race. Here we see both Sanji and King assaulted Now we have Sanji and King slashed by Zoro Now we have...
  8. Chrono

    Powers & Abilities Is Sanji destined to unlock his exoskeleton and Vinsmoke powers

    Just a little interesting thing I noticed about the SBS about Sanji's alternate bad future Most people think this future is the Sanji that becomes like his brothers and is accepted by his father. However due to his 40 year old version, im assuming this future is the future where he doesnt...
  9. Chrono

    Current Events Why Sanji is allowed to move now by the will of plot

    I think the only ridiculous thing about this chapter was Sanji not being able to use the RS to escape and get outta there. But Im guessing he underestimated his opponents since theyre fodder to him. Still tho, he should've used it due to their being many enemy women around. Anyways, I made this...
  10. MonsterZoro

    General & Others Why the raid suit is not a power up for Sanji but a training tool

    Hello you all know me because i probably made you angry with my amazing observation when it comes to Sanji I am here today to show you why the Raid Suit is not a Power up for Sanji like many people are claiming. But rather a training tool to get stronger I've seen some crazy claim saying RS...
  11. Chrono

    Current Events What's going on with Sanji ?

    So first Sanji was in this predicament Now he's here Seems like he freed his arms and is running, however he has a shocked face. What could possibly cause this kinda facial expression ? - Black Maria and fodder chasing him - Getting shot at by a projectile - etc Im thinking he possibly...
  12. Lukegranders

    General & Others Anyone else think King’s a girl

    1. Haven’t seen kings face 2. called king and would be a she . Queen is a man but is called queen. 3. If sanji fights king it makes sense if at the end sanji finds out he just fought a hot girl who he thought was a man That’s all I got but queen being a man makes king being a girl make way...
  13. Chrono

    Current Events All Oden's Swords Hype. Zoro didnt look special among the SN

    Only supposed hype Zoro got last chapter was Big Meme saying " You've underestimated him" Of course Viz retcons this into, "You've underestimated them". Taking away Zoro's special recognition from a Yonko and grouping his attack with the rest of the SN. This was the only hype Zoro got last...
  14. S

    Questions & Mysteries Why people keep pushing Queen vs Sanji?

    They pushed it as much as zoro vs king, and since that didn't happen, why would this? The hole basis of that was also the rivalry between queen and king, just like kaku vs jabra, mr1 vs mr2, just like sanji vs zoro, but since zoro vs king is dead, why you still expect this to happen?
  15. Chrono

    Future Events Who Will Defeat King?

    Ok before Zoro vs Kyourshiro happened, I was an avid believer of Zoro vs King. However since the whole development of Zoro wanting to get Orochi, meaning he'd have to defeat Kyoushiro as well. Also the possible ( slight possibility) of him confronting Kaido.... I dont think Zoro vs King could...
  16. Chrono

    Speculations Zoro vs Kaido bet thread.

    Zoro vs Kaido bet thread. You guys knows how it goes. Whoever loses has to wear embrassing and demeaning AVs and winners get to decide. Their are three options. If you do not pick the winning are a loser. 1.) Zoro defeats Kaido. 2.) Zoro injures Kaido/ Gets to tag team/what not 3.)...