1. h_zorothegoat

    Speculations Smoothie's opponent at Wano

    First I gotta say Smoothie is thicc. - Smoothie is one of the most hyped character in BMP and currently she has been sidelined for so long at Wano to the point that we all almost forgot her. - I think they will almost show up at Onigashima in some chapters or maybe they will appear at round 2...
  2. Lukegranders

    General & Others Anyone else think King’s a girl

    1. Haven’t seen kings face 2. called king and would be a she . Queen is a man but is called queen. 3. If sanji fights king it makes sense if at the end sanji finds out he just fought a hot girl who he thought was a man That’s all I got but queen being a man makes king being a girl make way...