lanji cant do anything

  1. E

    [FNZ] Salem of Lies [Season 2] Round 7 - Throne of Lies II

    Theme - Throne of Lies Game Type - Role Madness Players - 17 Host - @Queen Coach - @Dragomir Players - (6/17) 1. @Ratchet 2. @Ekkologix - The Evil King - KILLED N3 3. @Ten Yaksha Blother - The Observer - KILLED N4 4. @Udell - The Reaper - LYNCHED D5 5. @Marimo_420 - The Cult Leader - KILLED N3...
  2. Marimo_420

    The Vast underestimation of Lord Pica

    "Since Zoro can do it, character X can do it too" This is the customary memo which has plagued the fandom for more than a decade, allowing other characters to leech off of Zoro's feats (when they have zero) whilst severely limiting the cap on Zoro's own capabilities. While I probably sit on the...
  3. Kishido

    Chapter Discussion Will Sanji reach the top?

    With now Jinbe wanting to escort them to save power.