1. Zoro D Goat

    General & Others Remember when people were saying Sanji couldn't hurt Queen?

    Yeah remember that? Good time. Nerfed Base Sanji makes Hybrid Queen bleeds. Something that Big Mom and Marco could do. But unlike them, Queen did not use his hybrid form. Meanwhile against Sanji, Queen goes to his hybrid from after two DJ attacks. And what's more interesting is that...
  2. Zoro D Goat

    Future Events Will Sanji saves Marco and fight King and Queen?

    As you guys heard of my Sanji vs King and Queen thread before. This will be the reinforced thread of it.:pepelit: Marco to Queen: Perospero wants to show that Big Mom Pirates reign supreme. And how...
  3. Chrono

    Future Events Who Will Defeat King?

    Ok before Zoro vs Kyourshiro happened, I was an avid believer of Zoro vs King. However since the whole development of Zoro wanting to get Orochi, meaning he'd have to defeat Kyoushiro as well. Also the possible ( slight possibility) of him confronting Kaido.... I dont think Zoro vs King could...