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    Rules Maschenny is Best Girl

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    Rules A Deconstruction of Maschenny's "Battle" With Jinsung

    Introduction It appears to me that there are deep (and entrenched) fundamental misunderstandings about Maschenny's encounter with Jinsung on the 91st Floor, and the ensuing battle from that encounter. I was initially content to let these misunderstandings slide hoping that SIU would clarify the...
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    Rules Let's Talk About Maschenny

    How do you feel about Maschenny? What do you like about her? What do you think of her? What do you dislike about her? What Do You Want From Her? How I Feel About Maschenny She's by a large margin my favourite character in the series, and is one of my all time favourite characters in fiction...
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    Questions & Mysteries Maschenny's Bloodlust

    Maschenny is a blood knight: She's a hedonist who derives pleasure from the thrill of combat. This was made abundantly clear during her fight with Zahard's data and her conversation with Jinsung after kidnapping him. Maschenny was excited to fight Zahard after witnessing his terrifying...
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    Cinera's Temple of Maschenny Wank

    My love for Maschenny is unparalleled, and I've written a lot of essays about her in my time. Here's a screenshot of all my posts I tagged "maschenny" on NF: I grouped them on my private Discord server: I'm slowly going to start importing my existing essays into the section here. In...
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    Maschenny and Jinsung's Differing Philosophies

    Introduction Maschenny and Jinsung seem to offer an interesting contrast, they possess notably different outlooks and philosophies. In one sense, they both desire the same thing, but they have very different strategies for how to get there. In this post I intend to cover their relationship and...
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    Versus Battle Data Maschenny vs Meruem

    Location: Dressrosa Mindset: intent to kill Distance: 100 metres Rounds: Pre Rose Meruem, Redan restricted Post Rose Meruem, no restrictions Meruem's Vs Battles Profile Maschenny's Vs Battles Profile I've always wanted to try this matchup.