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  1. J

    Break Week Oda won't let Zoro/Sanji fight and beat a Conqueror

    If zoro was in WCI, he would have fought Cracker/Smoothie but not Kata , the same way he fought Pica not Doffy... he didnt even fight Doffy's YC1 , Vergo! In wano, he wouldn't fight and beat King or Queen if they happen to have CoC. Zoro would fight the swordmen/sword user who are usually a...
  2. Bogard

    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - The Konohagakure

    This thread is for those who wish to discuss/anticipate/complain/whine/meme all about the upcoming chapter spoilers before the spoilers drop. Once the spoilers drop, you may join the serious and constructive discussion on the dedicated spoiler thread. Since this is in Ground Floor, and posts...