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  1. Reborn

    Sign-up Round 16: Town of Salem

    Hosts: @Reborn and @Zem Theme: Town of Salem Type: Role Madness Please read the rules very carefully In case there are some changes in rules we will notify you all either here or in opening post of the game. Game will start any day of the next week Players(can be expanded by 2 at max) 1)...
  2. R

    Questions & Mysteries Asta Devil Discussion

    This Thread is only for Asta Devil (Anti Magic) discussion. It can be about strength, name, origin, theories and etc.
  3. D

    Show Yourself V.2.

    As the previous Show Yourself thread got extensively weird, it has been locked and a version 2 is being created in hopes for a better turnout. The rules will be more enforced this time. Use this thread to share your pictures so that your friends get to know how you look like. Rules Apart from...