queen the plague

  1. DarkWitch

    Fanclub The Funky Fanclub: Queen the Plague

    :queenmoji::funky::queenhear: Welcome to the the most funky fanclub. This is a fanclub for one of the best Beasts Pirate members and Yonko Commander Queen the Plague! Who...
  2. DarkWitch

    Character Discussion Queen the Plague

    This topic is all about Queen the Plague one of the All Stars of the Beasts Pirates. What we know about Queen so far, he is one of Kaido's commanders, his epithet is the plague due to him making very dangerous viruses, his devil fruit is the Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Model: Brachiosaurus, he is a...

    One Piece Chapter 1006: The Chivalrous Man, Hyougorou the Flower

    One Piece - Chapter 1006 Title: The chivalrous man Hyougorou the Flower CHAPTER IS OUT ON https://onepiecechapters.com/manga/one-piece-chapter-1006/ Please avoid posting one-word/one-liner comments such as "great chapter!" or "awesome, I'll read it later!" and ensure that you contribute...