1. Adam 🍎

    Current Events Will Zoro and Sanji defeat King and Queen with teamwork or individual strength?

    Place your bets boys and ladies I would personally like teamwork more. I think they can pull off some sick combos together
  2. Zoro D Goat

    General & Others Remember when people were saying Sanji couldn't hurt Queen?

    Yeah remember that? Good time. Nerfed Base Sanji makes Hybrid Queen bleeds. Something that Big Mom and Marco could do. But unlike them, Queen did not use his hybrid form. Meanwhile against Sanji, Queen goes to his hybrid from after two DJ attacks. And what's more interesting is that...
  3. Zoro D Goat

    Future Events Will Sanji saves Marco and fight King and Queen?

    As you guys heard of my Sanji vs King and Queen thread before. https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/forum/threads/sanji-will-fight-both-king-and-queen.10651/ This will be the reinforced thread of it.:pepelit: Marco to Queen: Perospero wants to show that Big Mom Pirates reign supreme. And how...
  4. stealthblack

    Questions & Mysteries Why people keep pushing Queen vs Sanji?

    They pushed it as much as zoro vs king, and since that didn't happen, why would this? The hole basis of that was also the rivalry between queen and king, just like kaku vs jabra, mr1 vs mr2, just like sanji vs zoro, but since zoro vs king is dead, why you still expect this to happen?
  5. Zoro D Goat

    Speculations Sanji will fight BOTH King and Queen!!!

    > King say that if Momo is dead then the war is over. And Sanji stop him from doing that. > Not only King failed to kill Sanji but his beak also got bend by the RS. So the next time King sees Sanji, he will definitely try to take revenge back. > For the case of Queen. Queen specifically...
  6. Cinera

    Future Events Who Defeats Queen

    Which character (or group of characters) would be responsible for defeating Queen? My wild guess is Drake and Sanji in a tag team.
  7. Cinera

    Powers & Abilities No the Calamities are not Just Mere Brawlers

    This was originally going to be a reply in another thread, but I spent so long working on it that I decided to just make it a thread in its own right. I address only King and Queen (mainly because the original thread was about them and I couldn't be bothered to extend my post to cover Jack as...