1. Dragoban

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers Discussion

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers Discussion| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This topic is for discussing "One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers". The...

    One Piece Chapter 1022: The Stars Take the Stage

    One Piece - Chapter 1022 Title: The stars take the stage Support One Piece by subscribing to the new all access Shonen Jump released by VIZ or read the chapter for free on Monday on their website or phone app (if available in your region). For those who do not have access to VIZ can read the...
  3. davidobandolim

    General & Others What is your opinion about the ninjas in One Piece?

    We have reached the climax of Wano now, this mysterious land full of formidable warriors. Back in Zou, when the whole Mink Tribe protected Raizo with their lives, I had really high expectations for all the ninjas we would meet in Wano We know that the strawhats formed a...