sanji is less than dogshit

  1. I

    Character Discussion We really dont care if Sanji is weaker than Zoro.

    I'm speaking for all Sanji fans here. Whether or not Sanji can beat Zoro in a fight has nothing to do with Sanji and his character arc. Beating the shit out of Zoro won't make us happy or make Sanji a better character. Sanji is the chef of the crew and Zoro is the Swordsman. The only reason...
  2. Steven

    Character Discussion Kidd the Genius strikes back once again

    Imagine getting pushed back by your own previous attack as BM can turn the stuff Kidd throw at her getting turned into Homies Next time he will make a new discount Transformer.Thanks for the next Homie Kidd
  3. Luffy bin Dragon

    General & Others Why Zoro is the first mate

    1. He is referred to as first mate by other pirates Soecifically our ogre and bartolemeo; Ghis indicates that the general world population views zoro as luffy’s right hand and first mate. 2. Trust by luffy In alabasta he given the role to take care of Vivi; do take note that Sanji was also...