sanji vs. king

  1. Bango🍅

    One Piece Chapter 1007 : Tanuki-San

    One Piece - Chapter 1007 "Tanuki-San" CHAPTER IS OUT ON Big Thanks to team TCB Scans Chopper in this chapter Queen D. Funk fans after Queen got bitchslapped by Chopper Special gift for Chopper downplayers CP0 Talking about...
  2. Blother

    Speculations Why Sanji vs King Will happen

    First we see here the Black Power Ranger and Sanji's amazing suit paralleling with King and a Zord Now we see Sanji and his name, how it relates to the long lost tribe that is King's race. Here we see both Sanji and King assaulted Now we have Sanji and King slashed by Zoro Now we have...