1. Kurozumi Blother

    Speculations Why Sanji vs King Will happen

    First we see here the Black Power Ranger and Sanji's amazing suit paralleling with King and a Zord Now we see Sanji and his name, how it relates to the long lost tribe that is King's race. Here we see both Sanji and King assaulted Now we have Sanji and King slashed by Zoro Now we have...
  2. Kurozumi Chrono

    Current Events What's going on with Sanji ?

    So first Sanji was in this predicament Now he's here Seems like he freed his arms and is running, however he has a shocked face. What could possibly cause this kinda facial expression ? - Black Maria and fodder chasing him - Getting shot at by a projectile - etc Im thinking he possibly...
  3. Buusatan94

    Character Discussion Character discussion: Sanji

    And here's the last character discussion thread on the original Straw Hat Pirates. Here's you can talk about the cook and most notorious pervert in One Piece history memorable for his love of cuisine, and his even greater one of beautiful women, his courteous attitude mixed with strong lecherous...
  4. D

    Show Yourself V.2.

    As the previous Show Yourself thread got extensively weird, it has been locked and a version 2 is being created in hopes for a better turnout. The rules will be more enforced this time. Use this thread to share your pictures so that your friends get to know how you look like. Rules Apart from...