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  1. Luffy bin Dragon

    Future Events Strawhats vs BBP Predictions

    Here is what I think the match ups should be BlackBeard vs Luffy Shiryu vs Zoro Laffitte vs Sanji Van Auger vs Usopp Burgess vs Franky Jinbei vs San Juan Wolf or Chopper vs San Juan Wolf Nami vs Caterina Devon Chopper vs Doc Q or Brook vs Doc Q Pizarro vs Brook Robin vs Vasco shot List what...
  2. Shiroyru

    Speculations Who is gonna beat Perospero?

    What the title said
  3. sanjikun

    Questions & Mysteries Kaido's top brass are seriously undermanned and it's killing the tension

    Jack jobbed and half the Tobi Roppo ain't even on his side. Imagine if the Scabbards were fighting downstairs instead of wasting their time with Kaido. Now Oda has to use the Zooan recovery plot tool abilities for guys like Jack so he can reuse them.
  4. HA001

    Questions & Mysteries WHO GAVE WHITEBEARD HIS SCAR ?

    This is something thats been bugging me for a while, This is whitebeard. As you can see he has a scar across his chest, because of this line i always thought it was roger who did that, The wound i got from that guy aches when i look at your face (note now he could actually be talking...
  5. ShishioIsBack

    Frank's Bike vs Big Mom

    Since we are in the spirt with an unrealistic thread like this I want to present an actually realistic scenario. So we have seen a few chapters ago, Franky's bike absolutely embarrassed Big Mom, and completely broke the myth of...
  6. Luffy bin Dragon

    General & Others Mink Mating

    What would happen if a mink mated with a regular animal (ex: chopper and milky). Is it beastiality, Would the children be deer or mink :choppawhat:
  7. J

    Sanji "vs" raid suit

    Simply now that Sanji has his new raid suit and we got to see a chunk of its powers and stats improvement quite well. Considering Sanji powerlevel in your opinion how much does the raid suit amounts compared to his total? Imo it is a pretty big chunk. I will just list the best feats raid suit S...
  8. Ograg fromHouseIsland

    General & Others Write your One Piece Movie

    A creative exercise. Write what you can and more importantly what you want ! Even a few characters and a few lines of an incomplete story do the job, a title, a subject. Don't hesitate to put fan characters, pictures, anything. 🌞🌞🌞🌞
  9. Albino πŸ‘‘

    Future Events Luffy’s role in wano

    What do you want to see from him? What will he acomplish? How will wano and the overall world view him? Etc.
  10. Fel1x

    Speculations What Black Maria is actually doing

    she was suspicious from the start. There is a chance she works for some party that wants Kaido defeated or just doing it for her own good i don't think she plays just for atmosphere for the readers also this 2 panels are very suspicious also 1) they move as if they are buffed. + the panel of...
  11. Ograg fromHouseIsland

    Powers & Abilities How intelligent are One Piece Characters ?

    1. This is not a IQ test : an IQ test is about verbal, memory, calculus, visuo-spatial, logical, musical ?, Kinesthetic ?, Emotional ?, Concentration ?, Correlation ?, ... Abilities. 2. This is NOT referring about what Oda tell and told us. Why ? Because Chopper is a doctor, but outside of...
  12. Orojackson Refugee

    Powers & Abilities Raizou Absorb Scroll vs Brulee Mirror Reflection

    Would the scroll absorb the mirror reflection, or would the mirror reflect the scroll? If it's the latter, would the original scroll's power to absorb be offset by the mirror scroll?
  13. GeneralP123

    Mihawk vs Yoru

    What if Big Mom turns Mihawk's Yoru into a homie, (which she can obviously do because we've seen here turn practically anything into a homie) and then she makes Swordless Mihawk fight his own sword. Who would win, Mihawk or his sword?
  14. Fujishiro

    Napoleon vs Mihawk

    I think this has the potential to be a great battle, homies were shown to be immune to haki. And a special homie like napoleon( who's named after the great Napoleon Bonaparte) must be exceedingly strong, Napoleon being missused( and thus since he wasnt used well, heavily nerfed) by a fat...
  15. LadyVados

    Theory The moon race

    What if Imu belongs to a race that originates from the moon ? Think of the otsotsuki from Naruto. God-like immortal beings with distinctive eyes. This is a pretty common theory but I’ll add my own spin on it. What if Mihawk is also a member of this race and maybe he and Imu are brother and...
  16. Jew D. Boy

    Questions & Mysteries Would Franky’s Kid Be A Cyborg Or A Human?

    The woman bearing his child is obviously Robin, so keep that in mind. Discuss!
  17. Albino πŸ‘‘

    General & Others Better Zoro fight in Wano?

    While both are possible which would you rather see out of these 2 options? Soloing king Joining the kaido gangbang with luffy, law, kid, killer, yamato, etc. So yeah again if you had to choose 1 between those 2 only what would you prefer? No both, zoro vs queen, soloing kaido, etc. Or
  18. G

    Powers & Abilities Zoro Taming Enma : Was it COC or COA or both?

    As the thread title States, do you think Zoro being able to draw back his haki from Enma should be attributed to a possible COC awakening or was it Armament haki or both? This was inspired by @Bil02 submission in a previous thread concerning the scene. I found his statement quite possible. And...
  19. ShishioIsBack

    Mihawk vs Kaido and Big Mom

    VS So lets say Kaido and Big Mom have death wish and they come to Mihawk's door step. Mihawk initially doesn't give a shit and wants them to fight baboons but they some how manage to defeat all the baboons on Mihawk's Island and then continue to annoy Mihawk. To which Mihawk says 'You two...
  20. Rosella.Fiamingo

    Powers & Abilities What The Scabbards Are Doing Is SPECIAL!

    When it was first revealed that Oden was the person to scar Kaido, a lot of mental gymnastics began to occur with some people who were previously theorizing on who scarred Kaido now claiming that everyone they perceive to be stronger than Oden is able to replicate the same feat. I'm against...