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  1. DarkWitch

    Character Discussion Thoughts on Kaido when he made his debut and Thoughts on him now

    What did you think of Kaido when he made his debut, and what do you currently think of him now?
  2. F

    Current Events Can Buggy damage Kaido like Raizo?

    Now we know it was stated the 7 warlords can take out a yonko and buggy was a warlord at the time and people expect mihawk, law, weevil, boa hancock to do top tier damage to a yonko and kaido can be hurt a lot and since buggy consider the weakest of the group and so is Raizo can buggy do the...
  3. Bullet

    Powers & Abilities Why is Kaido getting cut?

    In this chapter Kaido says that the scabbards are nowhere near Oden's swordsmanship and haki and is wondering how they are able to hurt him I don't think if it was as simple as having Ryou Kaido would have been shocked this much he should should have fought many people with that ability before...


    One Piece - Chapter 992 Title: Remnants CHAPTER IS OUT ON V!: V2: V3: Please avoid posting one-word/one-liner comments such as "great chapter!" or "awesome, I'll read it later!" and ensure that you contribute to...
  5. AdmiralKinyagi

    Questions & Mysteries Would Chopper’s kid be a reindeer or a human?

    I’m tripping out thinking about this. Like, what about other zoan users?
  6. Albino 👑

    General & Others Which is worse vs Kaido?

    No option of anything in between which would you prefer in bringing down kaido after the scabbards are done? Option 1: Luffy soloing Option 2: Luffy jumps him with the help of Law Kid Killer Zoro Drake Yamato Maybe Hawkins and apoo Maybe other strawhats like sanji and jinbe Etc.
  7. Reborn

    Sign-up Round 16: Town of Salem

    Hosts: @Reborn and @Zem Theme: Town of Salem Type: Role Madness Please read the rules very carefully In case there are some changes in rules we will notify you all either here or in opening post of the game. Game will start any day of the next week Players(can be expanded by 2 at max) 1)...
  8. Albino 👑

    Future Events Luffy’s island shaking clash

    When and with who will luffy have his first island shaking clash?
  9. Le Fishe D. Crydo

    Powers & Abilities Katakuri DF

    What do you think about the Mochi Mochi no Mi? Is it a good fruit? Do you see it as strong or weak? Would you want this DF if it been offered to you?
  10. Roronoa-sama

    General & Others Mugiwaras of Gyogin (with Jimbe) arc vs Kaido

    Do you think Mugis could have defeated Kaido after trained
  11. Luffy bin Dragon

    General & Others If You Hate One Piece

    Stop reading it.
  12. BaboonMihawk

    Versus Battle Raizo-san vs Naruto

    Who Wins? Version:Beginning Naruto Shippuden vs
  13. ImmaIvanoM

    General & Others Why do people HATE ability Countering All of a sudden?

    I remember a time in the community when people liked that Luffy hard countered Enel and Water hard countered Crocodile and Daz Bones was apparently Zoro's "best fight" because he was countered as well. I actually remember people arguing that pre time skip One piece was better because of this...
  14. C

    Questions & Mysteries Vergo is the original Germa that escaped.

    This deserves its own thread and discussion. Why has no one seriously brought this up I wonder? look at this and this Vergo hitting Sanji and Tashigi features an sfx that indicates iron is hitting something or getting hit. Same is true when Smoker hits him, it features the same sfx...
  15. P

    Break Week My One Piece MARINE spin off !

    Hello guys ! I’ve been a one piece fan for over ten years. As a young French writer, I finally launched my project : writing a spin off of my favourite manga ! A few chapters are actually available in English and French, the next ones will drop very soon ! It is free, so don’t hesitate to read...
  16. Gol D. Roger

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 992 Spoilers Discussion

    |One Piece Chapter 992 Spoilers Discussion| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This topic is for discussing "One Piece Chapter 992 Spoilers". The thread "One Piece Chapter 992 Spoilers Summaries and Images" is where you can find summaries...
  17. S

    Speculations Carrot vs Perospero?

    I noticed that Carrot is literally the only Mink not on the roof. I can’t think of any other reason why Oda would isolate her from the rest if not to set up a confrontation between her and Perospero
  18. Patryipe

    Manga Discussion What manga are you currently reading?

    I'll start One Piece One Punch Man (manga & webcomic) Kingdom Dragon Ball Super Vinland Saga Hunter x Hunter Berserk Vagabond The Breaker
  19. Albino 👑

    Future Events When will the strawhats surpass the yonko

    Luffy is already seen as the unofficial 5th yonko but when do you think he'll really derserve to be put on the same level as the yonko. When and who will be the first yonko to essentially be solod the strawhats (or at the very least Their top members) Will it be now with the beast pirates...
  20. C

    Fanclub Mr. Vergo Fanclub

    Welcome to the fanclub dedicated to Vergo-San! While Monet is preparing some dishes and drinks for us, let's talk and show our appreciation for Demon Bamboo. Here we can discuss and share out thoughts and I welcome an open discourse, as long as it's not filled with brats with an attitude...