tobi roppo

  1. Cinera

    Tobi Roppo Bounty Prediction Contest

    Introduction While we wait for the next chapter, why not have fun predicting the bounties of the Tobi Roppo. I would offer points based on how close your bounty prediction was to the actual bounty. It is possible to receive negative points if your prediction was too far off. Your predictions...
  2. Cinera

    Fanclub Jurassic Park — Tobi Roppo FC

    Creative names for the thread title would be greatly appreciated. @Buusatan94 come help me set up the FC, I'm not good at this stuff.
  3. Cinera

    Questions & Mysteries Why Were the Tobi Roppo Considering Replacing Queen in Particular?

    There has been some discussion in the spoiler thread about why the Tobi Roppo were talking about replacing Queen and not the weaker Jack or King. Furthermore, because the Numbers were mentioned after the Tobi Roppo many place their group above them. This has lead to a theory that Queen was the...