usopp does it again

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    Theory The king of North Blue, Sanji's destiny

    Vinsmoke took over north blue by taking down the 4 kings that ruled north blue. But the 4 kings had sons. Kizaru, Ben Beckman, avalo pizzaro are the Sons the kings. Sanji will Have to beat all of them.
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    Theory Shanks is strongest in the world but will lose in 3vs1

    Shanks is WSM but he will lose to ... Blackbeard that is working with aokiji and kidd that will show up too. Bb+aokiji+kidd vs shanks Aokiji will catch him by surprise and turn him into ice statue and bb with his quake punch and kidd with his electromagnetic cannon will smash the statue into...
  3. Reborn

    [FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 3 - Worst Gen Users Edition

    Theme: WorstGen Users Edition Type: Role Madness Hosts - @Reborn and @Noctis Coach - @AL sama Important announcement 1)I have made some changes in the game style so please read it 2)I would like to thank @Noctis for his guidance and @AL sama for his supervision. Without them, I would have...