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  1. Bogard

    Announcement New changes

    Hello everyone, We staff members hear your suggestions and try as best as to satisfy them. :catpole: For this reason then, we aim at doing improvements, not only for your own forum experience, but also for the forum existence. One of the suggestions we've heard of some members was the...
  2. Cinera

    Rate the Tag Above You

    :cheers: Now that we're going to be seeing a lot more custom tags on the forum, let's have fun. :funky: You can vote for 3 options in the poll.
  3. Cinera

    Rules VIP Privileges

    VIP Membership VIP membership can be acquired through a monthly donation (of any amount!) to support the site. The most convenient way to do this is probably through the site's patreon. Upon payment, you can activate your membership by PMing @Bogard about it (you may need to specify your details...