1. Rej

    [Poll] Will we get a glimpse of the Void Century/Ancient Kingdom now?!

    Simple question, there are 2 options: Now in Wano? Or during the final arc/saga after Wano? Now that Luffy became a vessel to Joyboy/Nika, Zunesha starting to become of relevance, destiny in Wano, Toki's storyline...there are so many things, we are as close as never to see a Void...
  2. Cinera

    Future Events Long Live ZKK

    Disclaimer This is something I wrote just after Chapter 1012 for some folks on the Zoro Discord Server. It's a bit dated. I never really planned on posting it here after returning from my hiatus, but @Roronoa-sama requested it, so here you go. As usual, I tag a lot of people for my posts. If...
  3. Cinera

    Speculations A Look at Inherited Will in the Land of Wano (ZKK: Part 1)

    Acknowledgements @Zenos7 and @KiriNigiri have my gratitude for their direct assistance with the panels. I also want to than @Garp the Fist for his Grand Wano Death Compilation thread; several of my panels were directly lifted from them. Finally, @Light D Lamperouge has my gratitude for helping...
  4. Cinera

    Future Events Your Wildest Hopes for Zoro This Arc

    Chapter 1002 surpassed the wildest expectations of even the most outlandish of Zoro fans (@ShishioIsBack and @nik87 can attest to this); none of us expected that Zoro will demonstrate the offensive prowess to terrify two Yonkou with an Ittoryu technique. It has been a common claim of some Zoro...
  5. Seth

    Speculations Shanks on Wano?

    What if "soon" means Wano and he knows about the prophecy? Which means he will try to help at least a little since he seemed to like the time spent with Oden. Before saying: "It doesn't make any sense. Blackbeard this Blackbeard that". Does alliance have a chance against 2 fucking Yonko...
  6. E

    Current Events The Decade of Zoro

    :zosmug::fransuper: This is a thread dedicated to Zoro, where we talk about all the great moments of Zoro, talk about his character and powers, talk about his role and importance in the story and where you see him in future arcs. Also feel free to post random panels of Zoro you personally enjoyed.
  7. Guan Yu

    Future Events The Great Debate - Will Zoro kill Kaido this arc?

    There are already plenty of things hinting for such thing to happen. So the question is, will Zoro kill Kaido in this arc? And before people start jumping on the gun, no one is saying that Zoro will solo Kaido. p.s: going to update the OP later.