1. Reborn

    [FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 3 - Worst Gen Users Edition

    Theme: WorstGen Users Edition Type: Role Madness Hosts - @Reborn and @Noctis Coach - @AL sama Important announcement 1)I have made some changes in the game style so please read it 2)I would like to thank @Noctis for his guidance and @AL sama for his supervision. Without them, I would have...
  2. AL sama

    [FNZ] Super Role Madness Santa's Anime Christmas

    Theme : Santa's Anime Christmas Host : @AL sama this game may contain bastard mechanics so don't play it like a normal game. Players 1 @Finalbeta killed Day 1 2 @Yo Tan Wa killed Day 2 3 @Midnight Delight killed Night 1 4 @Marimo_420 lynched Day1 5 @Dragomir End Game 6 @Flower killed Day 2 7...