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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1016 Spoilers Discussion

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |One Piece Chapter 1016 Spoilers Discussion| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This topic is for discussing "One Piece Chapter 1016 Spoilers". The...
  2. Cinera

    Character Discussion I Really Like Yamato

    I don't have the time to write my essay on why I like Yamato right now (and let's be honest, most of you don't read the essays anyway), so I decided to share a video that advances a position I agree with (it's also pretty short (< 9 minutes), so there are decent chances folks here would actually...
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    Character Discussion Some Thoughts on Yamato 4 Nakama

    Acknowledgements I give all gratitude to my mistresses Sloth and Procrastination. This essay wouldn't be possible if they didn't make me take time away from my actual job. Special thanks to @dizzy2341 who nerd sniped me into writing an essay defending Yamato's candidacy. This is just a signal...