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    Chapter 1043 Spoilers


    One Piece Chapter 1020: Robin vs. Black Maria

    One Piece - Chapter 1020 Title: Robin vs. Black Maria Support One Piece by subscribing to the new all access Shonen Jump released by VIZ or read the chapter for free on Monday on their website or phone app (if available in your region). For those who do not have access to VIZ can read the last...
  3. Cinera

    Character Discussion Some Thoughts on Yamato 4 Nakama

    Acknowledgements I give all gratitude to my mistresses Sloth and Procrastination. This essay wouldn't be possible if they didn't make me take time away from my actual job. Special thanks to @dizzy2341 who nerd sniped me into writing an essay defending Yamato's candidacy. This is just a signal...
  4. Cinera

    Current Events Who is Yamato Fighting?

    In Chapter 1003, CP 0 talks about needing to take down the Beast Pirate executives to successfully win the war: We are shown the status of the other combatant Strawhats: Franky is fighting Sasaki Sanji is running away from Maria Nami and Usopp are running away from Ulti Jimbe is fighting...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 994 Spoilers Discussion

    |One Piece Chapter 994 Spoilers Discussion| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This topic is for discussing "One Piece Chapter 994 Spoilers". The thread "One Piece Chapter 994 Spoilers Summaries and Images" is where you can find summaries...
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    Character Discussion What is Yamato's Devil Fruit?

    Does Yamato have a devil fruit? It would make some sense for Kaido to feed her one, considering his dream is for an entire crew of zoan users and he has high expectations of Yamato despite her Oden obsession. If she does already have a devil fruit, will it be an ancient zoan or a mythical zoan...
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    General & Others Next Strawhat Crew Members and the Grand Fleet

    General discussion thread for everything related to Next Crew Members and Grand Fleet.