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    [FNZ] Salem of Lies Round 16: Town of Deceit, Corruption, and Madness

    Host: @Dragomir Alive Players: 1. @Jew D. Boy 5. @Midnight Delight 6. @Zara 10. @Tris 15. @Rej Graveyard: 4. @Marimo_420 - Godfather - Killed Night 2 7. @Flower - Bodyguard - Killed Night 2 11. @Gambit - Retributionist - Lynched Day 2 3. @TheAncientCenturion - Jester - Killed Night 3 14...

    General & Others One Piece General Discussion

    So here you can post all your theories/speculations that you think don't need a thread of their own thread guys!! I will start Kuma isn't saved by the Revos, but he will be sent to to Vegapunk for repairs or whatever reason and become the ultimate weapon the WG has!! Bonney is coming to...