1. Cutty Jewboy

    Mod Abuse

    STOP ABUSING THE MODS, WE’RE SICK AND TIRED OF IT :gonope::getnappaed::nicagesmile::crocusuh: except TAC/PICA/Luthon/whatever it’ll be next week
  2. D

    [FNZ] Role Madness Fullmetal Alchemist - The Mafia Brotherhood

    Host: @Dragomir ~Game Begins on Wednesday at 12:00 pm EST~ Game Style: Traditional Setup - This game will prominently feature an uninformed majority against an informed minority. Closed Setup: no information about the roles and factions will be revealed to the players. All claiming: there is...
  3. Gol D. Roger

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 994 Spoilers Discussion

    |One Piece Chapter 994 Spoilers Discussion| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This topic is for discussing "One Piece Chapter 994 Spoilers". The thread "One Piece Chapter 994 Spoilers Summaries and Images" is where you can find summaries...
  4. Ravagerblade

    Fanclub Yamato, Daughter of Kaidou Fanclub

    Welcome to Yamato's Fanclub enjoy! Fellow Club Members: @NeutralWatcher @Admiral Lee Hung @Finalbeta @Cobra. @Marimo_420 @Starbound Beast D. Draig @Camie @SmokedOut @Ena @Monet @Reign @Zoro D Goat @Sunita @Midnight Delight @Janshal @lone wolf @Trismegistus @Lampyris @Zorojuro @Sakura no...
  5. Guan Yu

    General & Others Next Strawhat Crew Members and the Grand Fleet

    General discussion thread for everything related to Next Crew Members and Grand Fleet.