1. RayanOO

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1043 Spoilers Discussion

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | One Piece Chapter 1043 Spoilers Discussion | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This topic is for discussing "One Piece Chapter 1043 Spoilers". Please...
  2. Cinera

    Break Week Why ZKK?

    Disclaimer I'm not really in the right headspace to write another essay right now, so this wouldn't be that. Introduction Many people have made the following two accusations: There is no narrative for ZKK Zoro fanboys just want ZKK to happen so they can jerk off Zoro There are many other...
  3. Cinera

    Break Week No, Zoro is NOT "Done" After Defeating King

    Introduction Many people think that Zoro is done after his defeat of King in 1035. That he has no important role (at least not a combat one) to play for the remainder of the arc. I think the opinion is misguided. Zoro still has two very important plotlines that have yet to receive any sort of...
  4. General Duke Hyuo

    Powers & Abilities Why King has Color of Conqueror's as well as Adv. CoC...

    Haven't made a thread in so long, I forgot how to :milaugh: So, Zoro has just bloomed his Color of Conqueror's to the next level. In doing so, I strongly feel that what's coming very shortly is a Conqueror's clash between Zoro and King. It might seem ridiculous to have to make a thread that...
  5. General Duke Hyuo

    Speculations Who is sent for the Warlords?

    This topic has probably been touched on already, but I was still wondering who's after these guys? Boa Hancock Edward Weevil Dracule Mihawk Crocodile/Moria/Jinbei ~ N/A PRECEDENCE: For Doflamingo, Akainu dispatched Fujitora to absolve him of his Warlord Status, and later he collects...
  6. General Duke Hyuo

    Speculations Big Mom vs. Eustass Kid & Trafalgar Law

    How confident are you guys in the Supernova winning this fight? To be honest, I see Big Mom going to the next arc, so Idk if Eustass and Law got this. No shade to those two, its just Odas treatment of Big Mom and her spontaneous actions.
  7. General Duke Hyuo

    Character Discussion How You Feel About Certain Characters

    This thread is basically your freedom of expression of characters you feel strongly about; whether you like them, dislike them, feel they had wasted potential, or have potential to grow. Disclaimer these are my subjective opinions. Feel free to express yours as well. For Me Top Favorites...
  8. Cinera

    Future Events Long Live ZKK

    Disclaimer This is something I wrote just after Chapter 1012 for some folks on the Zoro Discord Server. It's a bit dated. I never really planned on posting it here after returning from my hiatus, but @Roronoa-sama requested it, so here you go. As usual, I tag a lot of people for my posts. If...
  9. Cinera

    Current Events Has Zoro Been Nerfed All Along?

    Disclaimer I tag a lot of people from my posts. If you want to be removed from my tag lists, let me know. Likewise if you want to be added. Introduction Zoro has been exceptionally devoted to his role as Luffy's bodyguard during the Rooftop fight. Protecting Luffy has been Zoro's priority, and...
  10. Cinera

    Future Events Why I am not Convinced that Luffy Defeats Kaido

    Introduction I don't have the time to write another full length essay right now (and I would address this at depth in one of my forthcoming essays), so I'm going to be as brief as possible. Considers this a rough sketch of my beliefs, and my attempt at getting the pulse of the community. I've...
  11. General Duke Hyuo

    Character Discussion Monster Trio Is Canon

    This is for future debates and public record of my L. Special thanks to @Aknolagon, always appreciate your translations. @Princeley @Hedfi I apologize for being stubborn, and you guys were right. Monster Trio is in fact not fan made headcanon. :sanmoji:
  12. General Duke Hyuo

    Character Discussion Berserk and One Piece Parallels [MASSIVE BERSERK SPOILERS] {CAUTION}

    Disclaimer: Lemme kno if you don’t want to be tagged. This is Berserk spoils until nearly the most recent chapter. Most stuff will be early Berserk tho. Anyways. Pictures:
  13. General Duke Hyuo

    Character Discussion Would Sanji fans drop One Piece if Zoro kills or reopens Kaidos wound and then Fights 1v1 King?

    Discuss. I’ll accept the #AgedLikeMilk losses if I’m wrong. And #AgedLikeFineWine if I am right. :myman:
  14. Gol D. Roger

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1007 Spoilers Discussion

    |One Piece Chapter 1007 Spoilers Discussion| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This topic is for discussing "One Piece Chapter 1007 Spoilers". The thread "One Piece Chapter 1007 Spoilers Summaries and Images" is where you can find summaries...
  15. General Duke Hyuo

    Questions & Mysteries The Cost of the Will

    Disclaimer: If you don't want me to tag you, please PM me or post down below. THE COST OF THE WILL This is going to be quite an abstract concept, very intangible, and on the lines of not even existing within One Piece. I will begin by explaining a concept within Hunter X Hunter, Chairman...
  16. General Duke Hyuo

    Speculations Fallen Kings

    I'm hyped about this theory/canon event that will happen going forwards Throughout One Piece, there are several different recurring narrative elements/components. Things like inherited will, a princess of a state, a tyrannical villain of an arc, etc. These components make up the greater story...
  17. General Duke Hyuo

    Character Discussion Luffy & Zoro Parallels All Throughout One Piece

    This is my most Ambitious Post. But my main point is to those that deny Luffy and Zoro do not have significant parallels within the story and that Roronoa Zoro is simply just an Underling of Luffy. FIGHTS: First off, to the people who said, "z0L0 nEv3R fIgHtS tHe mAiN aNtAGoNiSt". Well that was...
  18. Cinera

    Speculations The Second Advent

    Acknowledgements @Zenos7, @HA001, @Zemlya and @KiriNigiri have my gratitude for their direct assistance with the panels. I also want to thank @KiriNigiri for his feedback. Finally, @Light D Lamperouge has my gratitude for helping stitch the panels together and somehow stay within the 40 image...
  19. Cinera

    Speculations Zoro vs Kaido

    Kaido's reaction when the Scabbards cut him: He is insulted, that Samurai who can't even hold a candle to Oden are able to harm. In this chapter, Zoro's Kokujo Ou Tatsumaki completely overwhelmed Kaido's and cut him up pretty badly: Kaido was impressed, and commented that Zoro would...
  20. Cinera

    Speculations A Look at Inherited Will in the Land of Wano (ZKK: Part 1)

    Acknowledgements @Zenos7 and @KiriNigiri have my gratitude for their direct assistance with the panels. I also want to than @Garp the Fist for his Grand Wano Death Compilation thread; several of my panels were directly lifted from them. Finally, @Light D Lamperouge has my gratitude for helping...