zowo the rat

  1. L

    Powers & Abilities Can aCoC counter KROOM?

    Big Mom has aCoC yet she didnt used it once for defense(not even for attacking) and everytime Law attacked her with KROOM it was when she was off guard Doffy with basic armament haki could block Law's amputate move that ignores durability Also Haki counter devil fruits @ConquistadoR @Gol D...
  2. Gear

    Future Events Sanji's next opponents

    in this arc we saw sanji defeat a YC and whether we like the character or not this is a great feat. So given the level of opponents that Straw Hats are facing and will still face in the new world, what will be the next opponent that Sanji will face in the next arcs? Lucky Roux? Burgess? any...
  3. Zowo

    Powers & Abilities Is this advCoA

    My fellow friend @PurpleSwordsman doesn't understand and i want you guys to help him out Is the aura around Zoro's swords adv CoA the same thing Hyogoro tried to teach Luffy in Udon @Dragomir @TheAncientCenturion @nik87 @ShishioIsBack @RayanOO @BleakAsh @Marimo_420 @bennbeckman @Bogard @HA001...
  4. Steven

    Character Discussion Kidd the Genius strikes back once again

    Imagine getting pushed back by your own previous attack as BM can turn the stuff Kidd throw at her getting turned into Homies Next time he will make a new discount Transformer.Thanks for the next Homie Kidd
  5. TheAncientCenturion

    Questions & Mysteries Who are Mihawk’s biggest haters?

    One of the most popular characters in the One Piece fandom, I’d say Mihawk has more than a fair share of haters. Out of all of them, who are Mihawk’s biggest haters?
  6. Light D Lamperouge

    General & Others Unpopular Opinions?

    What are your unpopular opinions regarding OP? They can be about whatever, about the story, the characters, the power levels of the characters, etc.