Anime & Manga THE GREAT DEBATE: Which leg did Vergo use on Judge's son?

Which leg did Vergo use?

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critical mindset

How stupid you have to be in order to see it being right leg?
The charging panel shows him raising left leg
The hit panel shows that he is standing on his right leg
Nice alignment of the right leg with the hip don’t you think. Nice left tilt of the right leg huh :suresure:

critical mindset

It's the right leg. He just wanted to troll Sanji even if Vergo could have fractured his own bones by moving at weird directions. But he didn't simply care, what a chad. :myman:
You obviously missed the part where Vergo attacks using his absolutely weakest part of the leg and Sanji’s shin is absole hardest and strongest up near the knee joint where he checks it :suresure::suresure::suresure:
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critical mindset


The more I look closer, it looks like his left LOL:gokulaugh:Oh my bad, it was left the whole time:luffylaugh:
Yes you don’t see when he breaks off the clash, but he does break it off which leaves Sanji’s leg haplessly in the air, meanwhile Vergo is doing a roundhouse kick with his left leg. That’s right

instead of kicking Sanji in Vergo is totally toying with Sanji in a very funny way :suresure:
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People really cope from this
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Vergo's foot points to the left side from Vergo's point of view, his knee to the right.

Please ya'll, raise your right leg so upper and lower leg form 90 degrees. Then proceed twisting your foot to the left, having your knee pointing to the right.

This is how Vergo is supposed to have kicked.

This is how Vergo kicked:

Only that his upper Body was pointed more towards Sanji, but his lower body was twisted to the right. The knee of the right leg Vergo is standing on, is bend to the right as well.

On the other hand, I can't even find a picture that illustrates what critical is trying to suggest. This is the closest I've found:

This is how Vergo's right leg would have to look like in this, kick in order for his knee and foot to point in the directions you see in the Manga.

It just doesn't make any sense. Lol.
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