Theory 100% King was Impel Down warden

After reading the vivre card it became clear to me that King was the former impel down warden.

King is known for torturing people. He once tried torture kaido but it didn’t work so he was impressed and freed kaido.

The suit King wears is similar to shiryu and magellan and i dont think this is a coincidence.

Now the most convincing part is the flag of impel down.

The wings on the flag resembles the wings of king.

The crown on the flag also hints us of king.

What does the middle part mean. I think these are 2 letter written on top of each other with the I being on top of m. The I and M put together stands for IM. IM is the ruler of the WG.

The navy flag also has a symbol and i think the symbol also has m and I letter but the I is horizontal. The m looks like a bird but i think its the letter.
Which again put together stands for Im.

The m on both flags is not capital letter whilst the I is capital so it is written as Im rather than Mi.

The reason why Im is important in this theory is because he was the one who erased the Lunarian clan. So after King saw potential in Kaido (which was stated in vivre card) he joined him in order to seek a chance to attack Im in the future. Most definitely the reason why King became impel down warden was to seek a chance to get closer to Im. The chance by joining Kaido was higher because of his powers.

To hide himself as Lunarian, king probably told magellan that his wings are part of his outfit. Magellan loved the idea and also got wings as his outfit. This trend is now also followed by hannyabal and shaldeath who did not work with king.

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if King really did torture Kaido in ID then you can also be sure about Avalo being a former Calamity.
his epithet would fit aswell.

King being a former warden was pretty clear already. the attire does not match this well by happenstance.
This is a little bit stretched, first of all Kings wings are black and pointing downwards not upwards.

The whole Im symbolic you saw is extremely far fetched. To be honest if you look long enough you can interpret everything out of this symbols.

But I believe King was indeed a Impel Down warden.
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The letters for the Impel down sign are I and D for Impel, the down part of the D isn't visible.