Future Events 1044 Has Convinced Me (A ZKK Denier) That ZKK Is Coming. Here’s Why.


Kitetsu Wanker
I have been a fool all long.

The only thing better than ZKK is the entire fandom, that denied it, coming to the realization that they have been fools all along.

Luffy is *clearly* much stronger than Zoro, with even the most religious Zoro fans admitting Luffy is ahead.
You have clearly not included me here. :myman:

Zoro content is incoming, in order to make him seem closer to Luffy.
This is where you are heavily mistaken.
What's coming is not in order to make Zoro seem closer to Luffy.
It is to tell the world that Zoro is the strongest in the whole world.
ZKK died the moment Zoro left the rooftop and left everything in Luffy's hands. Him coming back after the Mink medicine effects and damage from King is utter nonsense, and unnecessary as he has had his eureka moment as the king of hell.
There are no other options.

Edit: Before anyone gets it wrong, this picture of Luffy shows that he is not a samurai.
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So the wankers want Zoro to take the place of the CP0 guy, but just on the other side. His job was to kill Luffy and now Zoro has to do the same with Kaido, so Kaido can finaly awaken?

Oh and sure, there is the reaper stuff. Well 1 week before the reaper chapter, every wanker stated "Zoro's arc isn't over, the mink medicine side effect still isn't active!". So oda choosed to use this reaper symbolic to activate the medicine. And now the logic is: Zoro will return even stronger thanks to the mink medicine side effects to kill Kaido!

Must getting harder each week to convince yourself that this theory didn't die long time ago. What i see is left, is that wankers hoping it to happen just to not be wrong in the end, prevent everyone laughing.

I enjoy these desperate threads each week more :feelsokeman:


Stockholm Syndrome
To me the biggest thing that makes it clear Zoro still has something big in this arc (i don't know if it's ZKK) is that the arc starts with a chapter showing all the straw hats and it's final pages are all about Zoro, called Seppuku (Death / Suicide being a big theme in wano).

Then, after that we are shown Luffy and Zoro as a duo early on before they go their different paths, and Oda uses both Luffy and Zoro to engage with the people of Wano and make them care for the place.

With Orochi going down alongisde Kanjurou right now, Zoro just killing Orochi doesn't seem plausible.

I think Zoro is gonna have some visions of deceased characters related to him / his lineage / Wano: Kuina, Kozaburo and maybe Ushimaru / Ryuma. Then we will find out about his past.

After that, i don't know, but something has to happen. Just like the final moments of Whole Cake were focused on Luffy fighting Katakuri and Sanji baking the Wedding Cake.
So then what’s all the reaper/death stuff, and why isn’t Oda showing us him?
This is actually the only point you need at the moment. Oda does this incredibly odd new story tangent, gives us slow drips, and then completely pulls away from it. And now you just watch people completely deny that it has any meaning.

I'm skeptical of the Warrior title happening right after another one and stuff, but it is another part of the debate that's been going for years now.
Whoever was a denier was wrong from the start
That is stupid because everyone sensed it.:gonope:
When Kid perks up I mean what are we even talking about even more lol
There are no other options.

Edit: Before anyone gets it wrong, this picture of Luffy shows that he is not a samurai.
Kaido getting taken down by a samurai similar to Oden is just one of the options Oda could have taken, but chose not to.

To put things into perspective:
- Luffy has been gunning for Kaido since Punk hazard, he and Kaido have developed a rivalry since Act 1, and there's also the case where both of them are joyboy candidates or more accurately, Luffy succeeded where Kaido failed in becoming Joyboy.
- Kidd was captured with his entire crew, and had his first mate fed a smile fruit, combine that with his supposed rivalry with Luffy, he also deserves to put Kaido down.
- The scabbards though weak, were prophesied by Toki to bring down Kaido and his tyranny on Wano.
- The arc has been building up on betrayal amoungst alliances, and there have been hints that Big Mom might backstab Kaido, she also has ground for killing Kaido.

All of the above is to show that Oda always has multiple people who have reasons for taking down the villian, but ultimately its Luffy who does it.