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Sanji's Oda favorite hype tool after Luffy, however Luffy is the MC so in the end he will take a good W against the antagonist, which is not the case of Sanjino.

Anyway, he doesn't want to be the strongest. Even his TS training wasn't focused in combat, he also learned how to cook special foods to help the crew.

Also, his best feats in the series aren't related to strenght, it's always the tatical role: Mr. Prince stuff, Enies Lobby opening, taking care of crew in Zou, cooking the cake for BM and now saving Momonosuke during the raid.

And don't worry, he will take more "Ls" in the next arc, Oda will never miss the oportunity to use him as hype machine to new enemies...
Sanji is the ideal person for Oda to use for enemy hype in all fairness.

Every time Sanjis been used to hype an enemy, Sanji has never fought them in hopes of defeating an enemy. It’s always been to save someone else and as long as Sanji does just that, Oda and by extension Sanji doesn’t seem to consider it as Sanji losing as in his mind everyone he cares about got out of this fight perfectly fine. And the reason Sanji can be used to create hype, is because he’s strong. Going toe to toe with Sanji even when Sanji has a disadvantage is huge hype for enemies because Oda considers Sanji as a powerhouse

However, regardless of how many “Ls” people say Sanji takes, Sanji will always be scaled up to stand side by side with Luffy and Zoro as the monster trio when the real fighting occurs.
În random order:

1) saying king beat him when sanji easily woke up and said he Hates that raid suit is so tough, when king's attacks was supposed to cut him in half. That also shows sanji can easily tank sword attacks even blunt point, since pteranodon beak is Giant sword

2) sanji lost to Judge....ignoring that sanji was holding back because of human shield. And ending of battle was off panel

3) leg broken by vergo, ignoring that vergo was fighting both law and smoker at th same time and owning them, and is only know character in one piece that got his armaments haki labeled as "super armaments."

4) when he left the crew to join big mom, ignoring that he got blackmailed with zeff and his cooks, ivankovs and okamas

5) when he beat up luffy. Sanji was trying to make luffy leave because they were no match to face a yonkou. Only reason they are even able to fight kaidou pirates now is
because they Have huge help, wano, minks, beaet pirates fractured and joined luffy's side, luffy getting huge haki training and blooming, yamato the real second strongest of kaidou joined luffy, all supernova rivals. Luffy needed help and biggest luck to escape WCI alive.

6) " defeated by doflamingo easily". Only because of parasite move that defeated jozu easily, as in the guy that that easily tanked mihawk strongest slash and fighting in par with aokiji until he got distracted.

7) believe IT or not, he got bashed even when he defeated someone confirmed to be equal to zoro's enemy, by saying he needed DJ twice, unlike asura that was 1 shot, ignoring that DJ is Like gear4, Something You can keep using, unlike asura that is 1 time move, not mode.

8) getting raid suit as "free " power up, when all SHs get "free" power ups all the time, and sanji being able to alreasy donwhat raid suit does, IT just makes him a bit stronger.

9) fighting with momonsuke in his hands, pretending Like tht is nothing when fighting someone Like king, having to protect hiM and making sure he escaped, getting distracted so king managed to get that attack in only because of the distraction. Sanji was even ignoring king and talking to momo complimenting his words.

10) not beating page1 when that was only the non canon anime showing page1 get back up, not manga. All we know page1 was KO for 9 days, the time between their fight and onigashima war
Resident Zoro Fan here but how I interpreted Sanji

1 does not mean he can tank a sword attack because it wasn't a named attack he just flew into him

2 that was kinda harsh

3 he wasn't ready for Vergo, but he still completed his mission

4 he shoulda been upfront and trusted the crew with the truth

5 only reason the can face a yonko is because Zoro is here, he didn't need to fight a yc or have special training to go to the roof, luffy needed all that and sanji didn't make it up there

6 he wasn't ready for doffy and when Jozu tanked a move he lost his arm so he Doffy didn't exert the same effort to beat Sanji

7 he couldn't beat any of Zoros opponents in the same arc, he's usually not as damaged as zoro to fight a weaker opponent, or the time he took more damage in thriller bark he was ko'd by a sword hilt while zoro took luffys pain

8 in a story with devil fruits complaints about PUs is weird to me, everybody has so e sort of PU, either a DF, or a weapon upgrade of some sort happens RS shouldn't be an issue, unless you don't like the design

9 wouldn't call that a fight and like vergo, he got the worse of the exchange but mission accomplished, saving Momo

10 don't know if P1 was KO but again the village and villagers were saved, and he didn't reveal his identity which is what he said was his plan so


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Tbf I also though Sanji would solo Katakuri back when they first interacted
But then Oda cucked all of us :crazwhat:
Haha well I thought the crew wasn't ready to take on a yonko so soon. Even if Luffy and Zoro channeled their strenghts on them and I guess I was right xd
first let me lol :gokulaugh:

but seriously sanji not unfairly bashed it,s oda who treat sanji unfairly
have you heard "Worf Effect" if not google it it,s in tv tropes
oda use sanji as Worf effect to made his enemy look badass why he not use zoro? dunno but one thing for sure oda really made sanji a punching bag to made enemy looks competent
so sanji got nerfed vs vergo n vergo got nefred vs law but then law n sanji got nerfet vs doffy who in turn can be a competent fighter vs luffy
see the Pattern here? welcome to Odaception lol :kata:

about sanji punch luffy hey, usopp also fight luffy in water seven arc but lose n leave the crews so yeah RECYCLED PLOT but lost of people fans of GOD USOPP so he is free from BASHING .