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I'll never forgive you Oda

Winner of Worst Generation's First Popularity Poll is Pirate Hunter Roranora Zoro

For the past two weeks or however long this has been going on, we've seen a number of upsets. Queen not making it past round 1. King not making it past round 3. Whitebeard/Mihawk being tossed aside by their voters in favor of Luffy/Zoro. Sanji barely able to survive the first three or so rounds before getting the boot. But I think it's safe to say that this victory is anything but an upset, most of us probably suspected it. So, kudos to the supports of the Sword out there who pushed their candidate this far. To all other fandoms out there, better luck next year.

This thread will be open for commentary on the contest in general. What did you guys like from it? What did you guys dislike? What should we keep in mind for the following year when we try it again? What characters should we include / exclude? I know we had some issues in the middle of the tourney, so we're open to hearing what you guys have to say.

Feel free to also gloat and or bitch about the results. Keep it somewhat civil and light hearted though, all forum rules still apply et cetera et cetera.

@Guan Yu do your thing and summon the acolytes.​
Whitebeard/Mihawk being tossed aside by their voters in favor of Luffy/Zoro.
I stuck by my boi to the end :catsweat: The Godhawk's will lives on.

What characters should we include / exclude?
The winners of past popularity polls should be excluded. Some ppl might say the Straw Hats shouldn't be included but let's be real, the amount of screentime and quality interactions they're getting is on par with most fodder/minor arc characters so it shouldn't matter :pepeke:
I am happy because Zoro won. And kudos to the grand master followers and people who made him the best :cheers:

- For next year, it will be good if quarters final has 4 games, semi has 2 games and in final we have 3 opponents (the result will be more interesting unlike this year). Otherwise, we will see the same battles from the beggining like mihawk vs luffy or WB vs zoro.
- Exclude the winners. Zoro is too popular to let him participate, because without any cheats or bans, he will win mostly every years or at least be in the final. What's the point ? I want another themes like luffy, Wb or mihawk (it would have been so great) next year but we are so loyal lol. And it will be so different from others forums to have many winners and many themes !
Imagine 2019 : Zoro ; 2020 : Luffy ; 2021 : Mihawk, 2022 : WB ; etc.
We can do an All Star final after each tournament : the Winner of the year vs the Winner(s) of previous year(s) to prove who is still the best.

But i really like many characters fighting each others and the multiple votes.
Good job to the staffs of WG for this year.
We will have many tournaments from now on but the first one will be remembered as all characters had their chance but Zoro soloed this tournament like a God! :finally:
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There was a couple surprises with this one:

Law not making it to round 3 was a surprise, he’s generally a really popular character within the fandom thought he’d make it to Round 4 at least.

Sanji’s failure to make it to the Semi finals and he completely flatlined in Round 4 in terms of votes when he was easily a Semi Finals contender imo going into this, mans had alot of potential to make an impact

Whitebeard’s fairytale rise in this one was definitely a surprise, you ain’t gonna tell me you thought this mans was gonna make the Semifinals before this shit started no way. But it was well deserved especially with the current manga events and all.
The grandmaster as always :cheers:

I hope that the yearly popularity vote will be focus on the characters that has big impact in the manga not just the random popular character in one piece , for ex this year 2019 the top the characters that has big role during 2019 without order
Is : Yasuie , Orochi ,Hiyori,hygoro,kyoshiro, Onimaru , O-lin, queen ,zoro , luffy , killer, Oden , kwamatsu,

This is better than just the popular character in general.

Cuz its refreshing for the popularity vote every year with new characters etc
"Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and what's right! This very place is neutral ground! Justice will prevail, you say? But of course it will! Whoever wins this war becomes justice!" ~ Don Quixote Doflamingo

And now we've won!

Rejoice and savour this sweet victory of ours o humble servants of The Grandmaster... I summon thee... @Den_Den_Mushi @Garp the Fist @Gol D. Roger @Haoshoku @Nidai_Kitetsu @ShishioIsBack @Cinera @BossYimz @Rivaille @Reborn @Geo @TheAncientCenturion @Mikail @Admiral Lee Hung @Thabeast @stormylife @nik87 @MasterD @Camie @Monet @Sade @playa4321 @Enma @Finalbeta @Light D Lamperouge @Cyrus the Cactus @Reddot4 @HA001 @MD Zolo @Grumpy Zoro @Aknolagon @Ice devil slayer @Zoro @zorojurou @Foxy Bunny @K!NG HARA$H!MA @KiriNigiri @RZ.119 @Greenbeard @Shakky @ShadyOjiro @Guymieux @IceWitch @Dark Hound @Gon’s Missing Arm @RyumaZoro @Himura @Fenaker @yorosenpai @Tamerani @Zowo @Sword God Ryuma @Yo Tan Wa
This is what we call a mid diff. Even in the real world Zoro has not yet gone all out. The GOAT, getting char of the year in both Oro and worst

Anyway, love him or hate him, One piece would not be the same.
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“When you cross paths with a GOAT is there any gurantee you would win? of course not”
Zoro vs the poll:
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