Popularity Contest 2019 Popularity Poll — Round 2 [Bracket 1]

Best Character of 2019?

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I'll never forgive you Oda
Congrats to those who have their favorites who made it beyond the initial weeding—out process. Of course, you're all being judged for not voting heavier for Jack the Drought or Queen the Plague. But that's neither here nor there. Ten characters moved on, but only 5 will proceed to round 3. In this round, you may vote for 6 characters total.

MVP of Round 1 [Bracket 1] is: Monkey D. Luffy
Biggest loser of Round 1 [Bracket 1] is: Inuarashi

An extra special rule courtesy of @Gol D. Roger. Using dupes to sway the polls isn't allowed. Caught using a Dupe will nullify your vote for the remainder of the contest. You know who you are. More info.
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