Popularity Contest 2019 Popularity Poll — Round 3 [Bracket 2]

Who will get the first voted site theme?

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I'll never forgive you Oda
Thanks to everyone who complained about round 2, we now only get a single vote a person. And, on top of that, we no longer will be able to see the votes for the characters before voting, and we can't change who we voted for. :kriwhat: Unfunky of all of you. Anyways, only 2 characters from each bracket will proceed from this round and those who do will be mixed in with the winners of the other bracket. So, good luck and vote wisely.

MVP of Round 2 [Bracket 2]: Roronoa Zoro
Biggest loser of Round 2 [Bracket 2]: Marco the Phoenix :phoenixmarco:
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Well, crud, a lot of my favorites got voted out.

Hmm, decisions, decisions. I mean I like Zoro more than the rest except Garp, but Garp's got no chance against some of the bigger contenders let's face it. So the "Zoro crushes everything" train it is then. catded
Pssh...Pick WB. He is can beat the fainting 'badass' wannabe.
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