Popularity Contest 2020 Popularity Poll [FINAL ROUND]

Whitebeard or Luffy - Who is YOUR favorite character of this year?!

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I have to say, watching Luffy underdog his way through this final round through the passionate support of his fans in a forum that is not usually kind to Luffy, is kinda wholesome to witness. Lol.
It really feels like Luffy fans are endless lol, for all day the number of votes for him rise and rise and rise and rise

It is unbelievable haha


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Oda really heard Luffy was losing in WG's popularity poll and he was like "yeah lemme drop chapter 999 real quick. I gotta plot armor my son Luffy even on forums"

Oyaji still goated and did nothing wrong. Just memeing cause I can't help myself. I'm a child.
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